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About Us


Founded in 1997 by educators, Breaking the Barrier is a global leader in print and digital language learning. Featuring instruction in Spanish, French and English, Breaking the Barrier provides students with a rock-solid understanding of language fundamentals as well as cultural insights from around the world. Our programs genuinely offer students the fastest path to true language fluency.

Breaking the Barrier blends the rigor of serious content with simplicity, clarity, and a student-friendly voice. By the end of our series, students will have practiced every important topic in the Spanish, French, or English language. Our books engage students – both young and old – with updated topical content that’s culturally relevant and just plain fun.

Whether you are just starting a foreign language, reviewing a language you began years ago, or gearing up for an AP, SAT II or placement examination, our programs will help you achieve your language goals.

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Fort Worth Country Day, Fort Worth, TX

“After teaching from both Breaking the French Barrier and Breaking the Spanish Barrier for almost 13 years, I’m more convinced than ever that the AP results and accolades that our graduates receive are a direct result of time spent in these Breaking the Barrier products. Rarely does a fall go by without an alum coming to my room to ask if I have an extra copy he or she can have to use for their college language courses.”


Teacher, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Washington, D.C.

“The grammar explanations are wonderfully clear, and the exercises that follow them help the students immediately put into practice the new grammar concepts that they are learning. Many of my most successful students have saved their copy of Breaking the Barrier after completing Spanish 3 Honors, and have used it as a reference for AP Spanish Language, Spanish 4 Honors, and even in college courses they’ve taken after graduation. I love it.”


Thayer Academy, Braintree, Massachusetts

“At Thayer Academy we have been using Breaking the Barrier for the last decade, but we are really excited to have it now as an iBooks textbook. We still get all the neatly organized and concise grammar explanations, and the immediate feedback the student gets now with the practice exercises and the built-in audio features are invaluable. The layout is gorgeous and is easily accessible. It has been a great experience for us this year.”


Lee-Scott Academy, Auburn, Alabama

For years, Brian Cole used traditional textbooks in his classroom.  But when his school started a technology initiative to put iPads in the hands of its students, Brian began searching for digital materials on the iPad that still offered a full curriculum.  That search led him to Breaking the Barrier, which he says is “the most reasonable and effective option for my students. I would definitely recommend Breaking the Spanish Barrier to other teachers to incorporate in their classroom as well as individuals who wish to learn Spanish on their own!”


Valley Christian School, Spokane Valley, WA

“I continue to think very highly of the Breaking the Barrier program. I chose it for my class because I felt it was much better than other courses at helping students work towards a clear understanding and mastery of basic French. I liked it even more when I saw how the 2nd and 3rd year textbooks keep spiraling around to continually review and reinforce concepts from the 1st year in addition to adding new concepts. This is fantastic and I remain 100% happy with my choice to adopt the series!”


Frankfort Covenant Academy, Frankfort, Indiana

“The Breaking the Barrier curriculum is all about substance and structure, and it has worked extremely well in our mixed classroom of traditional students and independent homeschoolers. This curriculum adapts incredibly well to both types of students. Our students always find the classes challenging but are also aware of the progress they’re making, and we find that they are consistently eager to enroll in the next level in subsequent years based on satisfaction with what they have learned up to that point. Breaking the Barrier is the obvious choice for a quality foreign language program.”