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Homeschool Spanish


The Homeschool Package offers a complete curriculum and is available in five levels. Each level is the equivalent of a full-year’s worth of Spanish, providing the curriculum needed to master the language. 

Middle School: ¡Vamos! Beginner (A) and ¡En camino! Beginner (B)

Spanish Level 1/Beginner, Spanish Level 2/Intermediate, and Spanish Level 3/Advanced.  

Students that complete ¡Vamos! and ¡En camino! can proceed to Spanish Level 2/Intermediate.

The Homeschool Package includes:

  • Online Access
  • Student Edition book (hardcopy)
  • Answer Key Booklet (hardcopy)
  • Spanish Oasis (hardcopy)
  • Test Program (hardcopy)
  • Pacing Guide (hardcopy)

What's "Online Access"?

Online Access, included in all Homeschool Packages, integrates audio, video, cultural articles, answers, beautiful pictures of sites of interest, and notable people from Spanish speaking countries. The exercises are interactive. A student can click on any single answer, see immediately if he/she is right or wrong, and view the correction. There are also responsive flashcards with audio, oral questions, and video instructional capsules. The content - explanations, exercises, and dialogues are the same as the print book. Online Access provides students tools that may appeal to different learning styles, especially auditory and visual learners.

View a sample chapter here.

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