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I continue to think very highly of the Breaking the Barrier program. I chose it for my class because I felt it was much better than other courses at helping students work towards a clear understanding and mastery of basic French.

Elizabeth Hunter
Valley Christian School
Spokane Valley, WA

The Breaking the Barrier curriculum is all about substance and structure, and it has worked extremely well in our mixed classroom of traditional students and independent homeschoolers. This curriculum adapts incredibly well to both types of students.

Scott Kays
Frankfort Covenant Academy
Frankfort, IN

I would definitely recommend Breaking the Spanish Barrier to other teachers to incorporate in their classroom as well as individuals who wish to learn Spanish on their own.

Brian Cole
Lee-Scott Academy
Auburn, AL

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Explore more...

Explore more...

  • Breaking the Spanish Barrier has helped students achieve their language goals for over two decades.The all-in-one textbook/workbook is the centerpiece of our language curriculum and is available in print and digital formats. 

  • Breaking the French Barrier gives students the confidence to read, write, and speak fluently. Upon completion of our three-level series, students will have practiced every important topic in French. 

  • Breaking the English Barrier motiva el aprendizaje del inglés por medio de nuestra atractiva plataforma de acceso en línea (Online Access Platform).