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¡Vamos! Beginner (A) Online Access Pre-Order

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  • Vamos Online Access (12 months). Online Access can be activated whenever you are ready to begin - now, tomorrow, or sometime in the future!


The STEPS Section:

Students begin their journey with our heralded “STEPS Section,” ten essential building blocks (greetings, family, telling time, numbers, weather, days of the week, home and school vocabulary, etc.) that help students begin speaking immediately.

Topics Covered:

After STEPS, students learn the following new material in subsequent chapters: 

  • Present and the preterite (past tense)
  • Subject pronouns
  • Object pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Ser and Estar verbs
  • Prepositions and conjunctions


A special section in the middle of each chapter called ¿Recuerdas? focuses on concepts presented in earlier chapters, so that students can review prior material as they learn new ideas.

Cultural Content:

Up-to-date cultural information from countries such as Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador is offered at the beginning of each chapter. Cultural articles with audio and video along with literary selections are also featured throughout the program.

You will find the tone of these pages to be welcoming and conversational – a one-on-one journey between teacher and student.

Online Access provides 12 months of access to the digital version of the print textbook. The online textbook integrates audio, video, cultural articles, answers, beautiful pictures of sites of interest, and notable people from Spanish speaking countries. The exercises are interactive. A student can click on any single answer, see immediately if he/she is right or wrong, and view the correction. There are also responsive flashcards with audio, oral questions, and video instructional capsules. The content -- explanations, exercises, dialogues are exactly the same as the print book. Online Access provides students tools that may appeal to different learning styles, especially auditory and visual learners.