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New Spanish Titles for Middle School

Breaking the Spanish Barrier: ¡Vamos! Beginner "A" and Breaking the Spanish Barrier: ¡En camino! Beginner "B" are well-suited for middle school students who want to begin their study of Spanish with an award-winning program. The layout and presentation of each level are ideal for one year of study and could also be an alternative for high school students who would like a more deliberate introduction to Spanish. 


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¡Vamos! Beginner A”: 

This introductory level with its combined print book and online components serves as core curriculum. Designed for total beginners who are ready to immerse themselves into the beautiful language of Spanish, ¡Vamos! Beginner "A" presents essential vocabulary, key grammar, and important cultural information from many Spanish-speaking countries. It is ideal for students in middle school as well as for older students who would prefer a more deliberate pace.

The STEPS Section:

Students begin their journey with the engaging “STEPS Section,” ten essential building blocks (greetings, family, telling time, numbers, weather, days of the week, home and school vocabulary, etc.) that help students begin speaking immediately. Students build confidence from day one! 

Core Content Covered:

After the STEPS section, students work through chapters that are thematically organized. Each chapter features a region of the Spanish-speaking world. 

Each chapter includes:

  1. A visually designed cultural map of a part of the Spanish-speaking world
  2. Vocabulary with interactive flashcards for fun and easy practice
  3. Clear presentation and explanation of grammar topics with plenty of practice
  4. Practice activities online with correction feedback and the ability to repeat practice as needed

Key Grammar Topics covered:

  • Present and preterite (past) tenses
  • Subject pronouns
  • Object pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Ser and Estar verbs
  • Prepositions and conjunctions

View detailed table of contents here


A special section in the middle of each chapter called ¿Recuerdas? focuses on concepts presented in earlier chapters, so that students can review prior material as they learn new ideas.

Cultural Content:

Up-to-date cultural information from countries such as Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador is offered at the beginning of each chapter. Students are exposed to different Spanish-speaking accents from native speakers throughout the program.

You will find the tone of these pages to be welcoming and conversational. Parents or educators do not need to be actively involved in instruction, they can cheer their student(s) on from the sideline! 

Ready to go? ¡Vamos!

¡En camino! Beginner “B”:

This title is designed to follow ¡Vamos! Beginner “A”. The program is ideal for those in middle school as well as for older students who would prefer a more deliberate pace.

In ¡En camino! Beginner "B", students will first review the major vocabulary and grammar from ¡Vamos! Beginner “A”including the present and the preterite tenses, subject pronouns, object pronouns, adjectives, ser estar verbs, prepositions, and conjunctions. 

Key Grammar Topics covered:

  • Imperfect tense
  • Adverbs
  • Saber and Conocer verbs
  • Progressive tense
  • Comparisons
  • Formal commands
  • Por & Para
  • Immediate future

View detailed table of contents here


Again, an important section in the middle of each chapter called ¿Recuerdas? focuses on concepts presented in earlier chapters so that students can easily review material as they learn new ideas.

Even More Cultural Content

Up-to-date cultural information will be introduced at the beginning of each chapter from countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and El Salvador. Immersive articles with audio recorded by native speakers, videos, and literary selections are also featured throughout the program. 

Ready to continue? We are ….. ¡En camino!