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Spanish Level 3 Homeschool Package + Online Access Code

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All you need for a year’s worth of Spanish curriculum.  

  • Level 3 Student Edition book (hardcopy)
  • Level 3 Online Access (12 months). Online Access Code can be activated whenever you are ready to begin!
  • Answer Key Booklet (hardcopy)
  • Spanish Oasis (hardcopy)
  • Test Program (hardcopy)
  • Pacing Guide (hardcopy) including a suggested calendar, grading rubric, and other helpful suggestions. 


Level 3 is ideal for students in their 3rd or 4th year of Spanish. It is a text that highlights all of the key grammar found on AP, SAT II, IB, or college placement tests. In, fact, author John Conner used to help write the AP tests!

  • Continuing the strategies established in the first two books in the series, the Advanced Level begins by reviewing the major present, past, conditional and future tenses. Cultural articles with comprehension exercises help students get to know stories from people around the world. You will also find:
  1. all perfect tenses, including the present perfect, pluperfect, future perfect and conditional perfect
  2. the subjunctive mood (with commands, verbs of emotion, hypothetical situations, adverbial phrases)
  3. comparatives, the passive voice, “if clauses,” punctuation, and uses of the infinitive
  4. intriguing vocabulary, with special focus on adjectives in early chapters, followed by nouns, verbs, and idiomatic expressions 

The Advanced book makes certain that every student – whether formally enrolled in school or studying independently – has all the rules he or she will ever need to know about the Spanish language. It fully equips students for a lifetime of authentic contact with the Hispanic world.

The "online access code" provides 12 months of access to the online version of the print textbook. The online textbook integrates audio, video, cultural articles, answers, beautiful pictures of sites of interest, and notable people from Spanish speaking countries. The exercises are interactive. A student can click on any single answer, see immediately if he/she is right or wrong, and view the correction. There are also responsive flashcards with sound files, oral questions, video instructional capsules. But the content -- explanations, exercises, dialogues are exactly the same as the print book. Online access provides access to more tools that may appeal to different learning styles, especially auditory and visual learners.

Full product value of $192.50! 

Click here to view a sample print chapter.

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ISBN: 978-0-9976527-8-9