About our team

  • Barbara Peterson
    contributing editor / conference mainstay

    Barbara came to work at Breaking the Barrier in 2003, editing our French and Spanish books.  She currently writes articles for our newsletter and attends conferences, often giving presentations and workshops.  Barbara has lived in Central America and traveled extensively.  During her teaching career in Iowa, Barbara held many elected and appointed positions, was active in state and regional foreign language organizations and collected a number of honors along the way.  She says, “The best part of my life these days is my terrific job with Breaking the Barrier.  It allows plenty of time for me to stay connected with family and friends while sharing my love of teaching with other professionals.”


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  • Sandra Rivetts
    office manager

    Sandra has been the Breaking the Barrier Office Manager for over a decade. When she’s not keeping the business operations moving smoothly, Sandra enjoys spending time with her grandson and her lab Bella. Sandra is also a longtime member of the Groton School family and a Boston sports fan.