By blending the rigor of serious content with simplicity, clarity, and a student-friendly voice, our program provides learners with all the tools needed to master a language. Upon completion of our three-level series, students will have practiced every important topic in French and have the confidence to read, write, and speak fluently.

The all-in-one workbook / textbook is the centerpiece of our language curriculum. With essential vocabulary, grammar fundamentals and up-to-date cultural information, our core text is everything you need for a full year’s course. Featuring thoughtful exercises, an exciting adventure series, authentic audio from native speakers, and a comprehensive testing program, our curriculum offers everything needed for language mastery. All of this is available through print or on our iBooks Textbooks on the iPad as well.

Level 1 (beginner)

Our level 1 book assumes no prior knowledge of French. It starts from the very beginning by introducing simple words and phrases that can be used right away. The “First Steps” lesson also presents all the sounds of the French language so that students can develop an authentic accent. Theme-based vocabulary offers students opportunities to learn words relevant to their daily lives at home, school, and beyond.  An action-packed dialogue series appears throughout the book offering students reading and listening comprehension practice.

Throughout the chapters, easy-to-understand explanations unravel these essential building blocks of language:

  1. nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions
  2. the present, passé composé, imperfect, and progressive tenses
  3. formal commands

Level 2 (intermediate)

Building upon the foundation established in Level 1, our Level 2 text first reviews key grammar topics to ensure that all students have a strong grounding in the present, passé composé and imperfect tenses.  New lists of vocabulary further expand students’ ability to describe the world around them. An adventure series also is featured in Level 2 as characters travel to exciting new places with unexpected twists and turns. Written in the same student-friendly style as Level 1, the new material in Level 2 includes:

  1. the future, conditional, present perfect, the pluperfect, present subjunctive, and the pluperfect subjunctive tenses
  2. indefinites, demonstratives, and reflexive pronouns
  3. informal commands, comparisons

Level 3 (advanced)

Our Level 3 / Advanced book targets students in their 3rd or 4th year of French. It is a text that highlights all the key grammar found on AP, SAT II, IB, or college placement tests. Continuing the strategies established in the first two books in the series, the Advanced Level begins by reviewing the major present, past, conditional and future tenses. Cultural articles with comprehension exercises help students get to know stories from people around the world. You will also find:

  1. all perfect tenses, including the present perfect, pluperfect, future perfect and conditional perfect
  2. the subjunctive mood (with commands, verbs of emotion, hypothetical situations, adverbial phrases)
  3. comparatives, the passive voice, “if clauses,” punctuation, and uses of the infinitive
  4. intriguing vocabulary, with special focus on adjectives in early chapters, followed by nouns, verbs, and idiomatic expressions

Our Advanced book makes certain that every student – whether formally enrolled in school or studying independently – has all the rules he or she will ever need to know about the French language. It fully equips students for a lifetime of pleasurable and authentic contact with the Francophone world.


Whether you are a student, teacher, homeschooler or adult learner, we have the program for you. With our core text selling for just $49.50, and homeschool packages starting at $109, we offer the best value in language instruction anywhere.