Essential Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards: Breaking the Barrier, the company that created the award-winning Spanish language series, is now changing the way students learn vocabulary.

  • State-of-the-art voice recognition allows learners
    to interact with their phone – even hands-free!
  • Crisp and engaging audio from native speakers for each word
  • Beautiful pictures illustrating all vocabulary
  • The same vocabulary lists as our award-winning iBooks Textbooks and print books, making this app a perfect mobile study guide!
  • A brand new section, exclusively dedicated to travelers, features all the words you will need to navigate any Spanish-speaking environment

LOL: Learn Other Languages is a new and innovative iMessage app that enables language learners to strengthen their vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills by sending and responding to “conversation starters.”

Conversation starters are carefully crafted questions based on engaging themes. Each question is designed to elicit a thoughtful response from the recipient, creating multiple opportunities for users to learn more about their peers through meaningful conversation.

The app uses the same themes and vocabulary found in the acclaimed Breaking the Barrier world language series, making it an ideal textbook companion. LOL: Learn Other Languages is a powerful learning tool that leverages texting—many students’ preferred method of communication.