Cultural articles

What better way to learn about the world than by reading an exciting article from the Spanish and French-speaking worlds? We have been including them in our newsletters for years, and they are a terrific way to practice listening and reading skills.

De pies a cabeza – Una entrevista con Julián Vara

We all know how popular soccer is in Spain and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. When John Conner found himself seated on a plane to NYC next to a professional soccer player, one thing led to another, and an idea for an article was born. The following interview between Julián Vara and our wonderful Colombian photographer and voice talent, Iván Calderón, discusses Julián’s experience as a soccer player and the dedication it takes to pursue a sport you love. The accompanying comprehension questions will round out a great lesson plan.

All That Jazz – Una entrevista con Tuti Fernández

Daniel “Tuti” Fernández is a Spanish jazz musician who has contributed, among other accomplishments, to an Oscar-nominated animated short film called “La dama y la muerte” (“The Lady and the Reaper“). We met Tuti in his capacity as studio sound engineer, but in this interview we talk to Tuti about his love of jazz and flamenco, as well as about his own musical journey.

La Marinera – Una pasión de origen peruano

This Spanish cultural article takes you to South America as it explores La Marinera, the national dance of Peru. La Marinera is a unique and complex courtship dance that is elegant and full of passion.The author of the article, Fanny Vera de Viacava, a native of Peru, is a former national champion of this dance.

Festival de Cannes

Take a walk down the red carpet in southern France as you read about the history of this annual star-studded event. Since 1946, the prestigious Festival de Cannes brings together some of the most famous celebrities from pop culture and the film industry.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is a tiny island in France on which sits a most amazing abbey with a storied history. It is a favorite of visitors because of its stunning beauty, amazing architecture, as well as for the surrounding waters that move in and out at low and high tide.

Le rap français

Rap may originally be an American genre, but it has also grown increasingly popular throughout the French-speaking world. The article examines the rise and evolution of French rap as well as its social significance.