Additional resources

Our print and digital texts have everything you need to master a language. However, we are delighted to offer you some additional free resources that will help you or your students on the pathway to fluency. Whether you are a seasoned teacher, a homeschool parent, a self-learner, or a student yourself in class, you should check out all of the following:

Our quarterly newsletter

Each quarter we send out a complimentary email with cultural articles, audio, video, teaching ideas, conference updates, and breaking news from your favorite language company. Enjoy these previous issues!

Grammar corner with john conner:

For over eight years and counting, founder and series editor, John Conner, has written a column for Think Spanish Magazine. Using the same engaging tone as the Breaking the Barrier books, John highlights a key grammar topic each month, following up with a quiz to offer immediate practice. (Think Spanish)

Cultural articles:

What better way to learn about the world than by reading an exciting article from the Spanish and French-speaking worlds? We have been including them in our newsletters for years, and they are a terrific way to practice listening and reading skills.

Warm-up activity for every class

BTB author and Spanish teacher John “Señor” Conner has a pretty clear view on the usefulness of these exercises. He uses them EVERY DAY in class and, in fact, these are Step 1 in his acclaimed workshop “The Ideal Lesson Plan: 10 Steps to Total Language Fluency.”

The ideal lesson plan:

For over 30 years, Señor Conner (or simply “Señor” as he is called by his students) has been captivating students’ attention with his fun, upbeat, lively, and engaging classes. A big proponent of keeping classes active, he offers ten great activities to do in the classroom or at home.