Author and Series Editor

John is the principal author and editor of the Breaking the Barrier series. Since 1981 John has taught Spanish in the Modern Language Department of Groton School, Groton, Massachusetts. A graduate of Evanston Township High School and Amherst College, he earned his M.A. in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin. John has worked as a consultant to the College Board for the Advanced Placement program and served on the Test Development Committee for the AP Language and Literature Examinations. He has also worked on a pilot educational program for People en Español magazine and as a consultant to Early Advantage, distributors of Muzzy, the award-winning BBC language course for children. Currently he writes a monthly column, “Hablando de Gramática,” for the popular on-line magazine Think Spanish. A devoted classroom teacher, an enthusiastic advocate for his professional colleagues, and a lively public speaker, John presents his acclaimed workshop, “The Ideal Lesson Plan – Ten Steps to Total Fluency” to teachers from coast-to-coast.